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Mission for Growth to China: Spotlight on Europe’s “Green Industry”

Following a series of successful visits fostering industrial cooperation, European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani now intends to visit China together with Environment Commissioner Potocnik. The "Mission for Growth" to China is planned for the 18-19 July 2013.


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More Information

Mission for Growth to China: Spotlight on Europe’s “Green Industry"

The main objectives of the mission are to promote the EU's "Green Industry" and to help European companies to operate in China. Moreover, the "EU-China Urbanization Partnership" launched in 2012, may further foster business opportunities for European companies offering advanced sustainable products and services.

Focus of the mission will be on the following sectors:

  • Air quality
  • Water treatment
  • Waste management
  • Resource and energy management
  • Environment friendly technologies


18 July - Conference "Green Growth and the Third Industrial Revolution" (Beijing)

The conference will comprise political meetings and opportunities for business contacts.

19 July - "Eco-Forum Global" (Guiyang)

The forum puts the emphasis on green industry, green urbanization and green consumption. Business to Business meetings will be organised with the active support of the Chinese Enterprise Europe Network partner. Numerous mayors from large Chinese cities will be present allowing also for City-to-business contacts.


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