Kooperationsbörse Textile4Health

10./11.10.13Gent, Belgien
Kooperationsbörse des Enterprise Europe Network zum Thema Textile for Health


Textile4Health brokerage event, 10.-11. Oktober 2013, Gent, Belgien

The health care sector is facing some major challenges where the textile can offer solutions.
Participation in the matchmaking event gives you the opportunity to have bilateral meetings with the other participants: a private meeting where you can discuss your project idea, request, offer, know how with a potential partner even if you had no presentation.
One of the purposes of this b2b meetings is to match
* organisations active in the care and cure sector having special needs/requests for innovative textiles with textile companies
* textile companies with potential innovations for the care and cure sector
Do not hesitate and manage dedicated business contacts during the congress by joining our Matchmaking sessions! You will not miss anything of the conference because the meetings ONLY take place during the breaks!

Participants will benefit from the interesting lectures, posters and exhibition during the congress and the additional opportunity to meet potential partners for their innovative technology and business. It’s an ideal way to find potential  business and cooperation partners, in pre-arranged 20 minute meetings in one location. You simply need to Register, present yourself, your company, your technology online and select partners of interest to you in advance of the event.


30.September 2013          Registrierung und Veröffentlichung eines Kooperationsprofiles
15.-03. Oktober 2013        Auswahl der Gesprächspartner
10.Oktober 2013              Bilateriale Gespräche (10.00 - 18.00 Uhr)
11.Oktober 2013              Bilateriale Gespräche (10.00 - 18.00 Uhr)


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