2nd International B2B Software Days - The Big Data Challenge

10./11.04.13Wien, Österreich
Eine Kooperationsbörse der österreichischen Partner im Enterprise Europe Network im Bereich IuK und digitale Netzwerke.

Daniela Rosa
Tel.: 0911 - 20671-316

2nd International B2B Software Days, 10./11.04.13, Wien, Österreich

40 participants - 18 countries - 500 bilateral meetings!

The event is primarily aimed at companies and R&D institutions looking for technological, research and business cooperations. Please be aware that consulting companies without technical expertise in Big Data cannot participate in this event.

10 April 2013
Presentation - IT trends (10:00-12:30)  
The keynote will give a global outlook on tech trends. The following talks - concentrating on business models and R&D - all focus on the use of Big Data especially for SME.

    * Ton Engbersen - IBM Academy EMEA, Zurich Research Laboratory
    * Mario Meir-Huber - IDC Austria & Arno Scharl, webLyzard Technology and Modul University Vienna
    * Brigitte Lutz - City of Vienna
    * Edgar Weippl  - SBA Research, Oliver Brallant (Bravestone) &  Stefanie Lindstaedt, Know-Center,
    * Thomas Natschläger, Key Research Data Analysis Systems, Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH
Bilateral meetings (14:00-18:00)
Pre-arranged face-to-face meetings will enable you to forge new partnerships for technology transfer and business.

11 April 2013
On the second day, the platform Digital Networked Data and Austrian IT competence centres will present themselves and their portfolio of innovative developments in various workshops. You will have the opportunity to visit the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria).
What are your benefits?

    * Get the latest information from internationally renowned speakers
    * Meet numerous potential cooperation partners in one location on the same day
    * Present, discuss and develop new ideas and projects at an international level
    * Visit interesting competence centres
    * Promote your organisation in Austria and the rest of Europe

Language:    English

Costs:           Free of charge