Successful R&I in Europe 2013 - 5th European Networking Event

07./08.03.13Düsseldorf (Airport)
Eine internationale Kooperationsbörse im Enterprise Europe Network zum Suchen und Finden von Partnern für Forschungs- und Innovationsprojekte.

Dr. Sonja Anlgoher-Reichelt
Tel.: 0911 - 20671-315

For the fifth time, the conference invites researchers and entrepreneurs from North Rhine-Westphalia and partner regions in Europe to find new partners for European Research & Innovation (R&I) projects. The series of events has been a great success with over 1100 participants since 2009. In 2013, partner regions are: Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and Russia. The networking event will be structured in parallel brokerage sessions focussing on seven topics:

- Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
- Energy
- Nanotechnology, Materials and Manufacturing
- Sustainable Economy
- Health
- Bio-based Economy
- Marie-Curie Actions

The event addresses especially universities, research institutes and small and medium-sized enterprises. Participants are invited to become involved in established and new technology networks. Giving a short presentation or finding a partner by talking to decision-makers opens doors for new projects in the last FP7 calls and in those expected in Horizon 2020.