Brokerage Event "Uncertainty Modelling in Engineering"

19.09.12Leuven, Belgien
Eine Kooperationsbörse der belgischen Partner im Enterprise Europe Network im Bereich Produkt- und Prozess-Modellierung

Susanne Zehnter
Tel. 0911-20671-317

In many industrial sectors, modelling of products and processes is necessary to simulate their performance, all along the value chain, from concept design over production processes to operation and maintenance. Modelling techniques in engineering in principle are deterministic and provide unique predictions, that are based however on limited or uncertain information on the underlying modeling parameters, such as material properties, load conditions etc.

Including uncertainty explicitly in the model provides substantial added value to the insight in the predicted process. Non-deterministic approaches enable the modelling and simulation of uncertain or variable processes. They provide insight in "ranges" of possible behaviour rather than "unique" predictions, as well as insight on the relevance of the missing information.

The application in in engineering practice still is limited, although many non-deterministic approaches have reached a high level of maturity. This workshop focuses on the added value of these techniques in engineering.

The events relies on two pillars:

Recent advances in non-deterministic modelling: Presentation and discussion on the results from the "Fuzzy Finite Elements" project. This Flemish strategic research project joins KU Leuven, University Ghent, imec, LMS International and SCIA Nemetschek, and is granted by IWT.

Bridging research results and industrial challenges: Keynote by R. Platz (Fraunhofer-Institut), pitches by renowned companies on industrial benchmarks, followed by interactive parallel workshops on the next steps towards industrial applications in the field of design and analysis, manufacturing and construction, operation and service.

A variety of industrial sectors is addressed, ranging from Automotive, Aerospace, Mechanical and Construction engineering, ... up to Electronics and Agro-machinery.

  • engineering professionals facing parameter uncertainty in any modelling or simulation process within their industrial practice, either in design, manufacturing or operational activities
  • researchers active in the field of non-deterministic modelling

Why to participate?

  • to learn about latest research results in uncertainty modelling
  • to get inspired by specific industrial cases and benchmarks
  • to present, discuss and develop new project ideas at international leve
  • to initiate international contacts and new industrial R&D&I projects 

Language: English

Costs:         Free of charge

This workshop is organised in conjunction with the ISMA2012 Noise and Vibration Engineering Conference, and USD2012 Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics Conference, held in Leuven on 17-19 September 2012.

The course : "Verification & Validation of Structural Dynamics Models". V&VSDM will be organised on September 20-21, 2012 in Leuven and is taught by dr. F. Hemez of Los Alamos Dynamics, L.L.C.