International Brokerage Event "Micromechanics and Microsystems"

Eine internationale Kooperationsbörse auf der MME 2012

Dr. Sonja Anlgoher-Reichelt
Tel.: 0911 - 20671-315

An international brokerage event in the field of Micromechanics and Microsystems 

Enterprise Europe Network Thueringen and Ilmenau University of technology are organising an international Face2Face partnering Event in collaboration with the regional cluster for Micro- and Nano technology MNT.

This Event will target a wide spectrum of companies, universities and researchers  interested in sharing new project ideas and finding collaboration within the fields of micromachining, microengineering and technology for the realization of (micro)sensors and actuators.

Microsystems- and nanotechnologies offer a wide potential for products and components to become more power-, energy- and resource-efficient at lower costs. They provide new opportunities to improve quality control of products an processes and thus increasingly ensure innovative capability and commercial success for a variety of future industries, like automation, automobile, medical technology, renewable energies and optics.

Why to participate?
• to facilitate the setup of project  - and business cooperation
• to present, discuss and develop new ideas at international level
• to initiate cross-border contacts

Language:   English

Costs:          Free of charge

Dates for your agenda
31 Aug. 2012 Registration and submission of a cooperation profile
04 Sep. 2012 Online selection of face-to-face meetings
12 Sept. 2012 Bilateral meetings (10:00 - 12:00)