International Partnering Event MEET4LIFESCIENCE

26./27.06.12Basel, Schweiz
Internationale Kooperatoinsbörse im Enterprise Europe Network im Bereich Agrar und Gesundheit in der Schweiz.

Dr. Eva Halsch
Tel.: 0911 - 20671-318 

Meet4lifesciences, 26 -27 June 2012, Basel, international partnering event

Meet4lifesciences combines partnering meetings with company visits and offers the latest R&D, market and financial trends in life sciences for innovators in the health and agrofood sectors. Innovators and decision makers from universities, research institutes and the industry from all over Europe will meet. The event topics are in line with the last FP7 calls.
The Meet4lifesciences event is organized by Euresearch in collaboration with the networks Fit for Health, BIO-NET and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). Its goal is to offer an international platform to companies and research institutes for innovation and research cooperation in health (diseases, omics, drugs & treatments, biotechnology & bioinformatics) and agrofood (agriculture, food, bio-based industries).

Participants from universities, research institutes and companies will: meet innovators from Europe and beyond to identify new business opportunities, contact potential partners in academia and industry for transnational cooperations, build research consortia in line with last FP7 calls in - health, - food, agriculture and fisheries, and biotechnology, increase visibility for their expertise.

Thematic areas...

in Health:
- chronic diseases
- mental health
- epidemics
- infectious diseases
- cancer
- cardiovascular diseases
- public health
- age related diseases
- brain diseases and injuries
- genomics, genetics
- metagenomics
- vaccines
- drug resistance
- drug products
- diagnostics
- transplantation
- safety and toxicology
- ageing
- brain
- white biotechnology
- red biotechnology
- bioinformatics for health
- process/data management (ICT)

in food and beverages:
- basic sciences
- biodiversity
- production technologies
- plant health
- animal health and welfare
- veterinary medicine
- role of policies
- food choice
- behaviour towards food
- food supply chain
- traceability
- food safety
- novel food products
- healthy food
- healthy drinks
- sensor technology
- process/data management (ICT)
- bioinformatics for agro-food
- impact of climate change
- sources and use of biomass
- white biotechnology
- blue biotechnology
- biofuels
- environmental biotechnology
- aquaculture