Matchmaking Event GreenLab International 2013

10.04.13Wageningen, Niederlande
Ein Matchmaking Event der niederländischen Partner des Enterprise Europe Networks im Rahmen eines Biotechnologie-Symposiums.

Matchmaking Event GreenLab International im Rahmen des Symposiums "Biorefinery for Food & Fuel & Materials

The biobased economy offers a variety of business opportunities for innovative companies in the field of energy, agrofood and chemistry. The applicability of novel technical knowledge and the need for successful implementation of biobased products are the main challenges to be fulfilled. It is clear that defined collaboration with the right partners in the value chain increases a successful outcome. A symposium regarding Biorefinery for Food, Fuel and Materials will be held for the first time from 7-10 April 2013 in Wageningen, The Netherlands.
In order to stimulate collaboration between SME’s, academia and knowledge institutes, Enterprise Europe Network organises on Wednesday April 10th a new international matchmaking event called “GreenLab International”. In cooperation with Syntens, Agentschap NL, Wageningen University and the Agro&Food, Materials and BioChemTech sector groups relevant biobased economy topics are distinguished. Thursday April 11th we will invite you to join us in visiting interesting sites with a bustour.

Meet your envisioned partners and their biobased business challenge
What to expect? You will meet ~100 European companies, academia and knowledge institutes with a biobased focus. The participants are involved in different value chains like biobased chemicals, materials, plastics, fuels and food & feed products. We invite you to choose relevant and valuable biobased business topics, which are all chaired by a renowned organisation. During these simultaneous sessions you will get the opportunity to pitch your company or organization (technology/ material/product). You will meet other professionals in the field and will get the opportunity to explore in an interactive way new business opportunities. The main objective is to create together added value with high potential business impact. At the end of the day we hope to gain consortia within six selected biobased topics.

GreenLab International biobased business topics
1. Economic feasibility of biogas and biodiesel production
2. From biopolymers (bioplastics) to final products
3. Small scale biorefinery and separation technologies
4. Analysis, monitoring and quality control of biomass production
5. Adding value to side- and waste streams of the agrofood industry
6. Development of chemical building blocks for biopolymer materials

Information and registration
We kindly request you to sign up before March 31st on :
On the website you will find the complete 2-day program and detailed information of GreenLab International as well as detailed background of the biobased business topics. To increase the success rate it is important to upload your company profile (technology request or technology offer) and mention your theme preferences in order to make GreenLab International a successful event.

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