Matchmaking Event auf der Häuslbauermesse HBM

24.01.13Graz, Österreich
Eine Kooperationsbörse der österreichischen Partner im Enterprise Europe Network auf der regionalen Hausbaumesse HBM 2013

Daniela Rosa
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Matchmaking Event auf der regionalen Häuslbauermesse HBM, 24.01.2013, Graz, Österreich

The cooperation event at the Häuslbauermesse Graz 2013 will be organised on Thursday the 24th of January 2013 for fair exhibitors, visitors and experts in the sectors of energy efficient construction.

The Häuslbauermesse Graz is a regional fair which is well known in the region around Austria. This fair attracts approximately 450 exhibitors from 10 countries and 40.000 international visitors every year. The matchmaking event during the Häuslbauermesse 2013 will take place in the Grazer Stadthalle at the centrally located Grazer Messe. The Stadthalle is easily and quickly reachable by car, train and also from the Airport Graz since it is near the town centre and yet close to the motorway (Exit “Graz Ost”). There are plenty of parking places next to the Stadthalle. A tramway (nr. 4,5) to the city centre runs directly in front of the event area.

At the Connect event during the Häuslbauermesse 2013 Austrian companies will meet international exhibitors, visitors and experts. The Enterprise Europe Network Offices in Graz will be in charge of the coordination and the matching of the B2B meetings.

12:00 - 1 p.m                       Reception of participants

1.p.m – 6 p.m                      B2B meetings (25 minutes each)

The official project language is English.

■ Solar technology/Photovoltaic
■ Insulation
■ Heating/Cooling/Ventilation
■ Heat Recovery
■ Biomass