Business Breakfast - The Energy Perspective in Horizon 2020: Outlook , Opinions and Experiences from FP7

25.06.13Brüssel, Belgien
Eine Veranstaltung im Rahmen der European Sustainable Energy Week 2013.

Dr. Sonja Anlgoher-Reichelt
Tel.: 0911 - 20671-315

Business Breakfast - The Energy Perspective in Horizon 2020, 25.06.2013, Brussels, Belgium

The Sector Group Intelligent Energy is a platform of experts in the energy sector, within the Enterprise Europe Network – the biggest business support programme in Europe co-financed by the European Commission. Through integrating contacts with SMEs, research centres, big companies, etc, the group acts as a catalyst for companies in the process of internationalisation. 

Eurochambres is the European Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and forms one of the key pillars of business representation to the European Union. 

Together, these two organizations will organize a Business Breakfast as part of the European Sustainable Energy Week 2013. The event aims at providing European stakeholders, SMEs and research institutes with information about 

• What comes next in energy related R&D&I funding in the framework of Horizon 2020.
• Key learnings from selected FP7 Energy projects.
• The strategy and services offered by the Enterprise Europe Network and its Sector Group Intelligent Energy.
• The strategy and energy relevant activities of Eurochambres. 

The session is open to all stakeholders. SMEs are particularly welcome.


8:30    Welcome + introduction

8:40    Horizon 2020 (Energy) overview

8:50    Q&A

8:55    Objectives and work programs

9:10    Q&A

9:15    Positive experiences from FP7 participants

9:30    Q&A

9:35    Overview on upcoming EU calls in 2013.

9:45    Q&A

Ben Butters (Eurochambres)
Eric Koch (European Commission – EACI)

Michael Kerschbaumer (Enterprise Europe Network – Sector Group Intelligent Energy)

Stephan Renner, Intelligent Energy Europe Program, European Commission – EACI
Martin Huemer, DG Research (Energy Directorate)
Chiara Pocaterra (FP7 Italian National Contact Point for and chairwoman of the C Energy+)

Francesco Orioli
, Soltigua/Laterizi Gambettola srl, SME Co-ordinator of the FP7 Energy project “FREsnel for Solar Heat with New Receiver and Geometry”

Cornelia Pankratz (Enterprise Europe Network – Sector Group Intelligent Energy)